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Monday, July 2, 2012

Siruvapuri Murugan Temple

The temple is a small one but very popular with the belief that one who symbolically build a structure behind the Adhimoolavar sannidhi will be blessed with a new house or related wishes by the Lord Balasubramaniar.
 Temple Entrance
 Temple Entrance
There is a Mayil (Peacock) sculpture made out of green granite stone outside the sanctum sanctorum in front of the flag mast. It was shining in green and was a real beauty. Also the suryanar, Ganapathy and annamalayar lingams are all made out of green granite. Possibly there is no other temple where there are so many green granite deities.
 Temple Entrance
Lava-kucha, twin sons of Rama, while living at Valmiki’s Ashram here, tied the Ashwametha horse sent by Rama. Lakshman came to release it but failed. Then Rama himself came, won and took back the horse. The name of the place Siruvarpuri came from the phrase ‘Siruvar-Por-Puri’. The other names Siruvarampedu came from ‘Siruvar-Ambu-Edu’ and Chinnampedu came from ‘Chinna-Ambu-Edu’. Siruvapuri is believed to be the Kusalapuri of Ramayana.
The other legend is that a devotee named Murugammai lived in this place chanting ‘Muruga’ always. On getting irritated, her husband cut her hand but she continued with the Muruga chanting. Then Lord Muruga appeared before her and set right her hand.
According to estimates, Arunagirinathar (14th Century) has composed over 16,000 Thiruppugazhs but only 1365 have been traced, glorifying 
Temple Gopuram
224 places. Of these 215 places are known and the remaining 9 places are unknown. Of these 215 places,
35 places have been glorified specially
8 places have been glorified by 4 Thiruppugazhs each
6 places have been glorified by Archanai Thiruppugazhs
Siruvapuri has been glorified by 4 Thiruppugazhs as well as Archanai Thiruppugazh.
Inside the Temple
Worship benefits:
The Murugar is believed to give 5 benefits 1) House related wishes (Marriage for the girls), 2) Good Profession 3) Good Family 4) Wealth and 5) Moksha by singing a specific Thiruppugazh of this temple with concentration and understanding the meaning.
Inside the Temple
Outside the temple there were plenty of shops selling fresh green vegetables and the freshness of the vegetables was really tempting. It is highly satisfying to buy field fresh vegetables directly from the farmers without the intermediaries. For sure, this temple is a big boost for the villagers’ economy. Be ready for a big shopping when you go with family.

There seem to be many more temples in this village – Agatheeswarar temple, Perumal temple, Vishnu-Durgai temple, Ramar temple, Vinayagar temple and Jain’s 22nd Teerthangara.

If people can come on these days they will doubly benifitted. So every second sunday is festival day at Siruvapuri.

Main worship benefit being the blessing with a new house.The place is connected with Ramayana and Ramar’s sons Lava-Kucha. Glorified by Arunagirinathar’s (14th Century) Thiruppugazh, Mayil vahanam, Suryanar, Vinayagar and Annamalaiar lingam are all made out of green granite stones. Fresh vegetables straight from the fields for shopping

Arulmigu Balasubrahmanyswamy Tirukkoil,
Siruvapuri, Chennai.
Phone No: +91- 94442 80595, 94441 71529

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