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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sri Malleeswarar Temple

A popular saying associated with Mylapore is "Mayilaye Kayilai" (Mylapore is the Kailash - abode of Lord Shiva ).  There are several ancient temples in Mylapore and one among those temples is the very ancient temple of Lord "MALLEESWARAR".
The history of this temple is Prarthan, a Shiva devotee of Ayodhya chose this place full Malligai (Jasmine ) bushes to do penance on Lord Shiva & was blessed with the darshan of the Lord along with his consort "MARAGATHAMBAL". The Lingam worshipped by him was in an area of Malligai bushes & hence the name came as "MALLEESWARAR".
The belief about this temple is that the Garlands exchanged between the 'God' & the 'Goddess' during the 'Kalyana Uthsavam' if worn by an unmarried person & kept at home would bring wedlock. Also offering of Jasmine garland on six consecutive Mondays to Lord Shiva will fulfill one's wishes.

Sri Malleeswarar Temple Worshipped by Sage Brigu, this temple is located near the Karaneeswara temple. Neem and Aswatha trees are grown together as a single tree.

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