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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Parrys Sri Kalikambal Temple

The Kalikambal Temple, one of the most popular temples in Chennai, is located in Thambu Chetty Street, Georgetown. This temple is a very old temple and has a lot of historical relevance as well. Chennai city was once called Chennamman Kuppam in the name of Goddess Chennaman and later Chenna pattinam. The Kali of the erstwhile Chennamman Kuppam is today’s Kalikambal. The temple was once located inside the St George fort and later shifted here during the British regime at 1640 AD. The temple has the sanctity of the two Pancha bootha Sthalams – Kanchipuram and Thiruvannamalai.
It is believed that a fierce form of Goddess was held in worship earlier and that this form was replaced with the shanta swaroopa form of Kamakshi. At the foot of the Goddess is present the Arthameru installed by Aadhi Shankarar. Kamadeswarar is present in a separate shrine. Many sages Vyasar, Parasar, Agasthiar, Ankiresar, Pulasthiar and Varunan and Celestial Gods Indhran, Guberan and Viwaakarma worshipped Kalikambal. It is said that Guberan got all his wealth only after worshipping Kalikambal here.
Chathrabathi Sivaji worshipped Kalikambal in October, 1667. Bharathiar used to worship Kalikambal while working in Suthesamithran magazine and his verse ‘Yathumahi Ninral Kali’ was sung on Kalikambal only. The famous TMS’s song ‘Ullam Uruhuthaiya’ was sung for the first time here only, in 1952 by Sri Andavan Pichai.

The Chennai Kalikambal temple has a lot of festivals and celebrations. The Bhramotsavam celebrations for ten days in the Vaikasi month are one of the most popular festivals where devotees come in huge numbers. Talking of the architectural heights that the temple boasts about is the Kinnitter, also referred to as the Sri Chakra Vimamaanam (the kings’ chariot). This is unique to the temple and is marked by a supremely well crafted chariot which is lined with metal cymbals. The temple premises is very well maintained, even after being exposed to so long time and is worth a visit. Devotees can visit the temple all year round.

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