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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kolavizhi Amman Temple

The Pattu Kolavizhi Amman temple is situated at Mylapore (near Sanskrit College ) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This temple is dedicated to Goddesses Pattu Kolavizhi Amman. Just a few minutes walk from mundakanni amman temple in mylapore lies kolavizhi amman temple as the name implies amman seated here with beautiful eyes, though the amman depicted in fiery form she stays here as a remedy for ailments in life and health.
The temple is situated near vaaleswarar temple, in the temple kolavizhiamman is the main deity of the temple the sanctorum, the moolasthanam is shared by bhadrakaali amman and kolavizhi amman, on entering the temple vinayagar can be seen beneath the combination of peepal and neem tree and the other side of the tree anjaneyar is seated in a separate sanidhi, sapthakanniyar(7 goddess, forms of sakthi) are seen in standing position in a single row.

The kolavizhi amman and bhadrakaali amman are seen together, the eyes are so powerful as it melts you and your sins, people will gain the confidence that amman will follow them to demolish the hurdles ahead in life, amman is armed with weapons in her hands to kill the fear and evil, the thaali (mangal suthra) which amman wearing here is really a big in size and the dharshan of the thaali is belived to relive the hurdles in marriage.

Kolavizhi amman is the power of protection for mylapore and during the panguni festival (march-april) amman gets the first pooja to ensure the safety of the carnival amman leads the arubathimoovar festival and makes the journey smooth for kapaleeswarar and karpagaambal. The other important festivities includes 1008 milk pots carried by the devotees for amman, and as usual aadi has its own imporatance here.

Many say that this is the original Kali of the Kapalishwarar koil.

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