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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Broadway Sri Chenna Malleeswarar Temple and Sri Kesava Perumal Temple

The temple is located between DevarajaMudali street on the east, NSC Bose Road on the North, Nainiappa Naicken street on the west and Rasappa Chetty street on the South.

This is one of the three temples that were popular even before the arrival of the British. This Shiva-Vaishnav twin temple was initially located near St George fort but the British demolished it to expand their army. Due to the public outcry, the temple was then shifted to the Devaraja Mudali street. In the process, the Vigraha of this Perumal temple got mixed up with the 4 idols of the Thiruneermalai Perumal temple and the idol of Thiruneermalai temple was brought here by a mistaken identity but remains here since then. There will always be a good fragrance of jasmine at the Malleeswarar temple. All the 63 Nayanmars are present in a separate shrine.

Both the temples referred to by old-timers as "Pattanam Koil" and Pookadai Koil," were demolished by the British and later, re-built. They are located in what was once called George Town. The Mada Veedhis around them are today known as China Bazaar or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road (North Mada Street), Devaraja Mudali Street (East Mada Street), Nainaiappa Naicken Street (West Mada Street) and Rasappa Mudali Street (South Mada Street). With the famous Kandakottam Kandasami Koil in the South Mada Street, the Kumarakottam Sri Vaania Sivasubramania Swami temple in the North and the Ekambareswarar temple in the West, the entire area could well be described as a temple city. Now, with the hustle and bustle of urban life and thousands of shops selling a variety of wares, this city hub has become congested.

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