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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Padi Thiruvalleeswarar Temple, Chennai

This temple is located at Padi on the Chennai - Avadi Main Road near Lucas TVS Factory at Padi and is about 1/2 Kms inside from the main road. Sambandar has composed hymns at this temple. The east gopuram with 3 tiers is the main entrance to the temple. Inside the main entrance there is broad inner courtyard on all the four sides of the main shrine. A Nandhavanam along the walls of outer corridor adds beauty to the temple. Entering the inner mandapam, the main sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva is situated. The sanctum is semi-circular in shape at the back. This type of architecture is called Gaja Brishta Vimana or Thoonganai Maadam in Tamil as this resembles the back of a sleeping elephant. 
 The main deity is known as Tiruvalleeswarar and He is facing east and to the right is the shrine for the female deity Jagathambikai. Ambal is seen here facing towards south. A beautiful Simha Vaahanam and Palipeetam faces the Goddess from the southern outer corridor (see photo). There is a separate shrine for Guru (Jupiter) - one of the Navagrahas - in the eastern outer corridor and this temple is also considered as a Guru Parikara Sthalam. Guru Bhagwan is seen here facing towards west.
On the 4 walls of the inner corridor encircling the main sanctum sanctorum, there are sculptured images of Sun God, Balasubramania with 4 hands, Vinayagar, Dakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, Durgai etc. There are separate shrines inside the temple for Somaskandar, Murugan with his concerts Valli and Deivanai, Anjaneyar and Meenakshi Sundareswarar. There is also a sivalingam supposed to have been worshipped by Sage Bharadwaj Maharishi. The pillars in this temple have beautifully carved images of Natarajar, Murugan, Kothandaramar, Machavathara Moorthy, Koormavadhara Moorthy etc. The sthala viruksham (temple tree) is Paadhiri and the theertham is Bharatvaja Theertham.
According to mythology, Lord Brahma's two daughters Kamali and Valli wished to marry Lord Shiva. Knowing that their wish is very diffuclt to be fulfilled, Lord Brahma sent them to worship Lord Shiva on the banks of river Paalaru. Shiva, being pleased with their penance, appeared before them and told them that it is not possible for them to marry Him as He is already married to Parvathi and advised them to marry Lord Ganapathy. Accordingly Lord Ganapathy, after conquering the demon king Gajamukasuran, came to Thiruvalidhaayam and married Kamali and Valli.

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