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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Somangalam - Chandran - Moon

Somangalam Chandra (Moon) sthala
Location: Sandwiched in a place between the road from Kundrathur to Sriperumbudur.

This has Somanatheeswarar as the main deity. The Chandra adorning Shiva is worshipped.
A legend says that the Nandi was cursed to look the opposite side, as it got over confident and thought that it was better than the Lord Himself on winning a war against invaders!!
This temple also ahs an unique statue of BRAHMA SUBRAHMANIAR – Subramania who did the work of Brahma, while Brahma was put behind bars, by Subrahmania himself!! When Brahma came to Kailasa, the abode of Shiva, the young Subrahmania @Karthikeya, stopped Brahma on the way. Brahma showd arrogance and challenged Karthikeya, saying that he was one among the Trinity, doing the job of a Creator and none dared to stop him.

Karthikeya asked the meaning for Aum (pronounced as OM). Brahma could not decipher the meaning of this Pranava Mantra.

To condemn his ignorance and arrogance, Brahma was imprisoned and Karthikeya took the mantle of a creator for a while!
The priest here is for the 11th generation FROM THE SAME FAMILY which is doing Pooja for ages! There were few idols sctattered around the temple.

The sthala vriksha here is “Sarakondrai”.

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