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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kundrathur Murugan Temple

Kundrathur is situated in the middle of Porur, Poonamalee and Pallavaram. Murugan Temple is in the Hill. The Kundrathur temple is unique in its architecture among all the Murugan temples that are found in Chennai. The temple is distinguished from the rest because the deity here is placed facing the North. In this hill temple, Lord Subramaniar is in a sitting posture along with 2 Goddesses by his side.

The presiding deity in the famous Kundrathur Murugan temple which is located on the hills is a form of Lord Shiva and is known as Lord Subramaniar who sits atop the hill along with the goddess Valli and Deivanai in Kundrathur.

As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Subramaniar stayed in the hill during his travel from Tiruporur to Truttanigai. On the northern side of it lies Thanigai. The temple is located in a small place known as Kundrathur which is around 28 km from the capital city of Tamil Nadu. This place is also known as South Thanigai since Lord Subramanian is sitting in the direction of north, facing Thanigai.
The Murugan temple is situated at the top of a small hill and 75+ steps leads to the temple. On climbing the steps “Valansuzhi Vinayagar” sannidhi stands first and having a dharshan of vinayagar in just a few steps one can enter the murugar shrine. Another Vinayagar Sannidhi can be seen here under a villva tree. This is a small hill temple for Lord Subramanya or Muruga with His two consorts built by King Klothunga Chola - II. Legend has it that Lord Muruga stayed in the hill on an auspicious day during His travel from Thirupporur to Thiruthani.

This is the only Murugan temple in Tamil Nadu where the God is sitting in the north facing direction. This temple was constructed by King Kulothunga Cholas - II. The specialty of this temple is that Lord Subramanian can be seen only with one Goddess at a time even though he is there along with both the Goddesses.
The temple reflects a taste of good architectural sense and has been done artistically, be it the pillars, the ceiling and even the rise of it. Yet another curious feature of this temple is the placement of the idols of the deities. When viewed from all ends, God Subramaniam can be seen along with only one Goddess at the time. In no position of viewing can both the Goddesses (Valli and Deivanai) be seen together with the Lord. This probably is to emphasize the concept of one woman and a man pairing.

The Saint Poet ‘Arunagirinathar” has visited this temple and has sung “Thiripugazh” on the Kunrathur murugan. The temple celebrates karthigai deepam in a grand manner and deepam will be lit on the hill temple. Kartikai asterism each month is considered sacred here. Skanda sashti in the month of Aippasi and “Padi Utsavam” in the month of Vaikasi are the main festivals celebrated here. In the inner praharam Shivan, Amman, and Vinayagar can be seen. In the outer praharam bhairavar, navagrahas, nagalingam under a peepal tree, dhaksinamurthy and durgai have separate sannidhis.
Address :
Kunrathur Murugan Koil
Kunrathur Road,
Chennai 600069
Phone : 044-24780436

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